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Rockville All-Terrain Skates and Mountain Boards -- Go Beyond!

Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet take you beyond the limits of regular inline skates.  Feather weight, yet very tough aluminum-alloy frames, and 5-inch, 85 P.S.I. pneumatic wheels (i.e. air tires) on a long wheel base give you a unique, very stable, and comfortable ride.  You'll never go back to your old in-lines again.  Priced at $99 they are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. 

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Our Price: $99     Qty:
Size: Mens    
Street Feet

Street Feet are the ultimate in comfort, speed and style for  outdoor skating.  The soft boot, low riding frame, 90 P.S.I.-- 6 Inch pneumatic wheels, and the innovative hand-brake system work in harmony to give you great ride on any road surface.   Designed for comfort and speed, you'll want to cruise for hours on these skates   Priced at only $139 per pair,  buying a pair is also a  very comfortable experience.

**Note!  We are currently backordered on Street Feet, Size 8.  Sorry for the inconvenience.**

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Our Price: $139    Qty:
Size: Mens    

New from Rockville for 2006, the Leaps are designed for kite and surf-skating.  Featuring 12-inch  racing tires, a fully adjustable shoe-harness system and  hand-operated brake, and a very tough lightweight alloy frame.

In addition to wind-powered systems, the Leaps can also be fitted with 8-inch off road tires for mountain and trail skating. 

These versitile monster skates are priced at only $299, so grab a pair and get going.

Our Price: $299     Qty:
 Size: Men    

** Sizing Note:  Rockville All-Terrain Skates are not available in half sizes.  In addition, they run on exact sizes. As an example, if you wear a size 8 shoe, you would wear a size 8 skate. If you wear a size 8.5 shoe, you would wear a size 9 skate.