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AXtion helmets are top quality headgear at a great price.  We have basic solids, our patterned series and graphics series.  Click on the images below to see a larger picture of each. 

The shells are made of ABS plastic in the classic skate form factor, with a high-quality EPS (rigid) foam lining for better impact protection. The helmets are CPSC certified and great for skateboard, inline, bikes or whatever other hobby you're into that may involve smacking your head against something hard at low-to-moderate speeds (i.e. not for use with motorized vehicles).

All helmets are one-size fits all.  Foam inserts are included to adjust from adults size small to large and all half sizes in between.

AXtion Skate/Inline/Bike/Scooter Helmets: Solids

AXtion Skate/Inline/Bike/Scooter Helmets: Patterns


AXtion Skate/Inline/Bike/Scooter Helmets: Graphics