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The Glider

This skate takes aggressive skating to a whole new level. The Glider's revolutionary center wheel creates a surf-like effect when trick skating over pipes, rails, or any other edged surface. The Glider is also a fully functional in-line skate since the center wheel does not interfere with regular skating. So, if you are a trick skater, or an in-line skater of any level, the Glider is the right skate.

Visual Demo

With the Glider you can glide over a wider variety of surfaces than conventional grinding will allow.   The center wheel allows you to do steady, consistant rolls over smooth or rough surfaces using a specially designed resistance bearing.  There is no need to wax or prep a surface.

The scale is based on US men's sizes.
The glider is not available in half sizes.
Chassis:    Nylon/fiber reinforced frame
Material 83A PU Cast 90A PU Injected
Bearings ABEC-5 Resistance Bearing
Additional Info.
The Glider is constructed of high quality materials. All mounting hardware is heat treated for extra durability. All components are assembled with the highest standards.

The currently available Glider is pictured under the Preview menu item. Wheel colors may vary slightly.

The brake for the Glider is on the right skate.