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Achieva's "Super Jump"  Off-Road Short Board

Jump Board **Available NOW!**

Introducing the Achieva Jump Board!  This thing is just flat out fun.  It's made for off-road downhill runs on grass and dirt (perfect for conquering the hills at your local golf course).  You have a 7.75" x 30" ABS deck that sits almost 9" off the ground, with a heavy duty spring-and-cantilever suspension system.  It is also equipped with an adjustable teather for stablity and lift so you can hop over obstacles such as rocks, fallen braches, squirrels, etc...

The tension in the shocks is adjustable, and the board will support riders up to 220lbs.  Priced at only $124.00, with free UPS ground shipping, you don't want to miss out on this one.



 7.75" x 30" High strength ABS/Fiberglass composite)

Graphics:  Flames, Tiger, Sphinx


Dual 10-Coil spring system with cantilever support


Bushings:  High-Elasticity Polyurethane


Material:  High rebound polyurethane

Hardness:  82A

Diameter:  100mm

Width:  50mm

Bearings:  ABEC-5

*Specifications subject to change without notice