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The Stabilizer

Roller skating is back!!!
The Stabilizer creates and entirely new sport by combining faster in-line skate style wheels with the stable feel of a roller skate. The Stabilizer also has the ability to be the wildest trick skate you have ever seen!

Visual Demo

Trickskating with a whole new look...
The Stabilizer has hourglass-shaped front and back wheels in addition to the center sideways facing roller.  This combination of wheels allows for a wider variety of rolling tricks over pipes or rails. The center wheel uses special resistance bearings in order to maintain accuracy and control.
Forward and Side Rolls...
With more stability

The Stabilizer has special brakes on each skate which have a curved shape to fit around pipes and rails. Now, you can slow down on flat ground or on curved surfaces.

The scale is based on US men's sizes.
The glider is not available in half sizes.
Chassis Nylon/fiber reinforced frame
Material 82A PU Injected 90A PU Injected
Bearings ABEC-5 Resistance Bearing
Additional Info.
The Stabilizer is constructed of high quality materials. All mounting hardware is heat treated for extra durability.   All components are assembled with the highest standards.

The brakes for the Stabilizer are on both skates.